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What is Casino Cashback?

Translated, cashback means nothing other than "refund". In order to receive cashback, you must first play with real money in the online casino.

Another requirement is usually that you have lost money while playing. With a cashback bonus, a certain part of the lost stakes is refunded.

The cashback bonus thus reduces losses so that you can play with your money for longer. Thus, players are protected from a total loss.

Of course, no casino can afford to refund the entire stake. Depending on the provider, the cashback is usually between 10 and 30 percent.

The best casinos are quite inventive with the cashback bonus and offer it in different variants. With some providers, the cashback is limited to certain days, while others offer it specifically for new customers or the live casino.

There are also VIP programs with cashback on all sales, regardless of losses.

This is how cashback works in the online casino

In order to receive cashback, you first have to find a casino that has such a bonus in its program. Not all online casinos currently offer a cashback bonus.

How Cashback works is relatively simple. Assuming the casino offers a 20 percent payback, if you lose, you get 20 percent of your stake back. For example, if 10 euros were used on a slot and lost, there is a refund of 2 euros.

What are the bonus conditions for cashback?

Certain conditions are usually associated with a casino bonus. This is one of the biggest advantages of cashback. Compared to a deposit bonus, there are no or very few strings attached.

In addition to the percentage, the applicable maximum limit for the cashback is important. These points are specified by the casino in the terms and conditions.

The offer reads something like "20 percent cashback up to a maximum of 100 euros". It is also possible that the profits possible with the repayment are limited.

Bonus terms also include whether the cashback is limited to certain days like the weekend. If sales conditions are found in the general terms and conditions, these are usually rather low.

So it can happen that the cashback has to be wagered 10 times before it can be paid out. With many offers, however, the casino completely waives a turnover requirement.

The refunded amount can then be used again immediately or paid out.

Cashback as an offer for new customers

Most online casinos welcome new customers with a welcome package consisting of a deposit bonus and free spins. In the meantime, however, there are providers who are looking for new customers with cashback.

Another possibility is that new customers can choose between a classic deposit bonus and a cashback.

The fact that there are fewer conditions speaks for the cashback.

Beginners and recreational players in particular often find it difficult to meet the sometimes very high wagering requirements of a deposit bonus. With a cashback bonus, this is much more relaxed.

Nevertheless, a closer look at the bonus conditions should also be taken here. There are offers where the cashback on the first deposit is 100 percent.

Such a bonus is usually associated with slightly higher turnover conditions.

The T&Cs detail which games the Cashback Bonus is valid for. There are usually no restrictions on slot machines, but table games or the live casino are usually excluded.

Cashback promotions for existing customers and VIP players

The majority of cashback offers are aimed at already registered players. In most cases, these are time-limited promotions. The period can range from a few hours to a month.

Cashback campaigns are often used to draw attention to certain offers. For example, there is a refund for losses on a specific slot.

High rollers and VIP players are often rewarded with a particularly high cashback. With each level reached, the percentage repayment increases.

Participation in a VIP program is automatic at some casinos, while others require a separate registration.

How is the cashback credited?

Another important question is whether the cashback is credited automatically or whether it has to be requested after playing.

Especially with a cashback for certain days, it happens that the credit is done manually by the support.

In this case, simply contact customer service via email or live chat and request the cashback.

It should be noted that the request usually has to be made within a certain period of time.

Conclusion on the Cashback Casino Bonus

The cashback is a good safety net and protects players from a total loss. The repayment ensures that you can play longer with the existing credit.

In addition, the cashback bonus can score with its good conditions. Therefore, such a bonus offer is almost always worthwhile.

If it goes well and you win, you don't need the cashback. If there is a loss, at least part of the stake is returned.