Live Baccarat Casinos with Live Dealers




rating 5
Withdrawal time 1-3 days
Payment 97%
Games Thousands of Games
Bonus 100% up to €5,000 + 100 FS

Ice Сasino

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Withdrawal time 1-3 business days
Payment 98%
Games thousands of games
Bonus 100% up to 1,500 € and 270 FS


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Withdrawal time 1-3 days
Payment 98%
Games 3,000+
Bonus 100% up to 100 € + 100 FS

Nine Casino

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Withdrawal time 1-3 days
Payment 98%
Games Thousands of Games
Bonus 100% up to 150 € + 250 FS


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Withdrawal time 1-3 business days
Payment 98%
Games 3,000+
Bonus 100% up to 200 € + 200 FS

Slot Paradise

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Joo Casino

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Games 2,000+
Bonus 100% up to 1000 € + 100 FS

The sphere of gambling is getting increasingly popular these days. Newcomers are ultimately interested in the most different types of available online casino games, while experienced punters are searching for new experiences. Live dealer Baccarat is one of the options to consider, irrespective of your skills. The rules of the game are quite simple, while the betting options are rewarding. Make sure you opt for the most reputable and up-to-date online casino that offers the best live dealer Baccarat with the most reasonable conditions and rewarding odds.

What’s Live Baccarat?

There is a multitude of casino games available on the market, but Baccarat is the one that attracts punters who strive to have a break from trivial Poker or Blackjack. A live stream of the casino game makes the experience unique, as the gamblers have an opportunity to dive into the authentic atmosphere. 

Have you decided to play Baccarat online live? Take your time to detect a trusted and up-to-date online casino that will help you enjoy the game with minimum safety risks. The dealers should be real professionals who will advance your gambling experience to an exceptionally new level. Take your laptop or mobile phone and start gambling right away. 

Pros and Cons of Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is a specific game that has its advantages and downsides. Although the number of players who strive to play live Baccarat online is continuously growing, it is indispensable to stay consistent and be aware of possible downsides. 


Before you consider possible risks, it is indispensable to mention the advantages that make the game appreciated. Check out some of them. 

  • Competitive spirit. Playing usual online Baccarat, you cannot feel the flare of the game. However, the live version of the game makes it exceptionally different and beneficial.
  • Experienced players. Although the tables are available for all punters, live Baccarat is played mainly by professionals who know certain knowledge of the game specifications.
  • Socialization and interaction. Unlike a lot of other casino games, Baccarat is a game that presupposes communication with like-minded people. 


Unfortunately, along with impressive advantages, playing Baccarat has a range of downsides. 

  • Limited options. Variety is something most players are looking for. However, when it comes to playing Baccarat, punters have limited betting options, which makes the game a bit trivial and boring.
  • Live dealer casino commission. In the overwhelming majority of instances, every winning bet costs the player a 5% commission. 

Live Dealer Baccarat vs Online Baccarat

Live dealer Baccarat Online Baccarat 
Enhances the spirit of competition Perfect for low-limit bettors
Players are competent, so the game is exciting There is no atmosphere and spirit of the real casino
The game is about socialization and spending quality time Safety issues may appear
There is a casino commission to pay The game can be easily accessed 
The choice within the game are limited There are lots of offers

How to Play Live Baccarat. Basic Rules

If you have never played live dealer Baccarat before, you should start with reading the basic rules and game specifications. Although the rules of the game are simple, it may sometimes be complicated for new players to understand them. 

  • There are three to six card decks in the game, which consist of 52 cards in total.
  • The shoe is used to shuffle the cards.
  • Players have to place their bets.
  • Two cards are dealt to every player.
  • The punter who gets the cards closer to 9 wins.

Bet Types

Even if you choose the best live Baccarat casino Ireland, the betting options will remain the same. There are three main types of bets including: 

  • the player
  • the banker
  • tie

Payouts and Odds

Playing casino games, the average payout rate is one of the critical factors to consider. When it comes to live Baccarat, the payout depends on the bet type. While the banker and the player offer a 1:1 payout, the tie is 8:1 or 9:1. 

Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

While the market is overwhelmed with live Baccarat online platforms, the Evolution Gaming option stands out from the crowd. It is an extraordinary and authentic game that makes you dive into the atmosphere of the Asian casino and enjoy an exclusive gambling experience. 

If you choose to play a live Baccarat online casino, you will take advantage of added features that include extra statistics, pairs of side bets, the ability to watch other players moving, and some others.

Live Baccarat Variants by Evolution

Choosing Baccarat live casino, you should consider an array of factors that may influence your choice, and the available game variations are one of them. Look through a list of options offered by Evolution Gaming.

slot image

No Commission Baccarat

A commission the player has to pay for every winning bet is one of the game specifications. Playing a no-commission Baccarat, you skip this rule, with the only exception being the Banker scoring 6.

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Multi-Camera Baccarat

Dynamic, lively, and top-quality multi-camera Baccarat is another variation of the game valued by punters. If you want to try this type of live Baccarat game, you will enjoy an even more realistic live casino experience.

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Live Speed Baccarat

Players who are interested in the multitude of betting options should focus on the live speed Baccarat, which is an excellent alternative to the usual version of the game. Cards are dealt face-up, and the round is completed in 27 seconds.

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Baccarat Control Squeeze

The multitude of live Baccarat casinos offers this type of game, providing punters with an opportunity to control the squeeze. Cards are usually dealt face down, with two cameras installed under the glass panel. The direct interaction with the cards makes the experience even more exciting and realistic.

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Baccarat Squeeze

With over 15 cameras broadcasting the experience, Baccarat Squeeze is one of the most popular game variations. The action flows with maximum authenticity and suspense. You will notice even the smallest details, which will make the game even more appreciated.

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How to Start Playing at  Live Baccarat Casino

If you are excited about playing your favorite game online, you should start with the choice of Baccarat online live casino. Being a newcomer may not be easy, but you will surely enjoy the process if you follow a few simple tips. 

  • Take your time to read about the game, its rules, and specifications.
  • Opt for the live Baccarat online casino Ireland that seems the most reliable and trustworthy.
  • Do not start with big bets, as you risk losing everything fast.

Strategy and Tips to Maximize Your Odds

Betting is one of the most critical parts of the gambling process. Choosing an online Baccarat live dealer game, you should be aware of certain tips that will help you advance the winning chances. 

  • Opt for the beneficial casino with the best odds.
  • Choose the strategy to follow and stick to it.
  • Be patient and reserved making bets.
  • Learn to manage your money. 

Best Strategies

Although there are only three betting options available at Baccarat, the choice of betting strategies is a bit higher. Check out some of the most beneficial bets so that you enhance your chances of winning.

  1. 1-2-3-4
    This gaming strategy is more about defense than attack. Different systems are concentrated on recouping the failures, giving players an opportunity to win. The players are given an opportunity to play longer with the help of effective outlay management. 
  2. One-Sided
    A one-sided strategy is another option available at live casino Baccarat. A player is supposed to bet on a single side of the table, choosing to stick with either the player's or the banker's bet. 
  3. Paroli
    It is a positive betting strategy that presupposes continuous doubling of the bets up to the time the player loses. Thus, if you win, you double the bet. 


Baccarat is undeniably one of the most appreciated and widely played casino games online. The rules of the games may be a bit confusing and complicated for inexperienced customers, but the struggle is real, especially if you follow simple steps. 

Learn the Rules

Before you start gambling, make sure you are aware of the basic game specifications. 

Choose Trusted Casino

The number of online gambling platforms is growing, so it may be complicated to detect a reliable live dealer Baccarat online casino. Take your time to detect the most reasonable one so that you eliminate safety risks.

Do not Overbet

Baccarat is an exclusive game that keeps players excited throughout the experience. Therefore, it may be easy to lose control over the bets. Make sure you know how to manage your stakes.