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What is the paysafecard and how does it work?

The paysafecard is a prepaid card specially designed for online payments. To pay with it online, you buy a 16-digit PIN in one of the sales outlets, which has the corresponding purchase price as a value. You can buy these for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 or 100€. If the value of a PIN is not completely used up after a purchase, it remains as a remaining balance and can be used later. The advantage here is obvious: you have the possibility to make online payments without sharing sensitive data such as account information. In addition, the money is credited immediately. You can also create a user account called “my paysafecard” and store several of your PINs digitally.

The Yuna prepaid credit card

The paysafe Group offers another alternative payment method that allows you to deposit money into your player account quickly and anonymously without much effort. This is the Yuna credit card. The cooperation between paysafecard and Mastercard results in many advantages when making deposits in online casinos. Simply top up at a point of sale and pay online or use at one of the 35 million points worldwide. The only condition is that the Mastercard is accepted. Registering the Yuna Prepaid Mastercard is very simple and works without downloading any specific software.

You can top up this credit card with real money at a checkout in a gas station or supermarket, for example. After that, all you have to do is register via SMS or online on the website and you can start using it. The Yuna to Go cards are currently only available in Switzerland, but you can also use them in Germany, for example. The minimum deposit is €27 converted into euros, with the maximum amount for deposits being around €2700. If you don't have the opportunity to get the Yuna Mastercard, let alone are generally looking for another payment option, you will find other alternatives to the paysafecard payment option here, such as Neteller, Skrill or Trustly.

Are there any fees?

The use of the paysafecard in the online casino is usually free of charge, as is the case with most other casino payment methods. However, there are a few circumstances where cost comes into play. One of these occurs if you keep a paysafecard for more than a year without using up the credit. The company then charges the corresponding PIN from the 13th month with a monthly provision fee of €3. There is also such a fee for the digital storage of PINs with my paysafecard. This service allows you to store multiple PINs up to a total of €5,000.

If no transactions are made here within 12 months, the account will be charged monthly from the 13th month with 2€. If you want the credit on your paysafecard refunded to your bank account, a fee of €7.50 will be charged. If you pay with the means of payment in another currency, the company charges a fee that varies depending on the target currency. For example, it is 2% for the major, common currencies USD and GBP.

The paysafecard limits

When using this payment method in an online casino with paysafecard, there are some limits that you should definitely know and observe. Especially high rollers who like to deposit more money should know the limits of this payment method. If these limits are still too low for you, you can decide early on for another payment option such as Trustly or classic bank transfer. While the maximum amount that you can pay with the paysafecard is €100, the maximum amount with my paysafecard is €1,000.

Furthermore, this enables a maximum credit of €5,000, with unlimited annual loading and spending limits. The payout limit per transaction is €2,500 with my paysafecard, with the annual transaction limit being €15,000.

The paysafecard mobile app

A mobile application can significantly improve a service or make it even more attractive. paysafecard does this exceptionally well. A very decisive advantage is that you can keep several PINs in one central place. So you can not only carry out larger transactions and view your sales, but also manage significantly more credit. The paysafecard app for Android and iOS also makes it very easy to buy new PINs. There is a function that uses the location determination to show the nearest sales outlets. Another obvious advantage is that you can access your PINs from anywhere.

Of course, this also increases control over your credit balance. The offer is rounded off by promotions and sweepstakes, payment via QR code scan and direct access to customer service. Overall, this results in a very coherent picture. Here it was understood how to improve a good means of payment with a good mobile application.